At Britain’s most northern point, in the middle of the ferocious North Sea, lies Shetland, an archipelago of over 100 islands and home to over 20,000 people. Joining those people comes wildlife known the world over from the puffins and gannets to the seals and orcas never minding the sheep, cattle, horses & of course Shetland Ponies.

Our capital Lerwick is a combination of ages all coming together in the one town. Along the waterfront, where we have “Old Lerwick” then houses & shops were just built and thrown on top of each other from the 17th century but as you go further through the town more modern styles begin to present themselves. Along that seafront in Lerwick you have the pier, famous steep lanes & of course the Lodberries, home to BBC Shetland’s Jimmy Perez.

The Town Hall was built facing fields and farmland but now faces an wide stretching, bustling town that takes you through the Victorian times with the old school at Islesburgh to the crescents at Hayfield Park and beyond to the Pictish Broch at Clickimin.

Within Lerwick, you have your main shopping street (known locally as Da Street but more formally as Commercial Street) which has shops where you can experience authentic knitwear, bars where you can have a yarn with the locals or restaurants where you can feast on freshly caught seafood and local farm beef.

However, the fun does not stop in Lerwick. Our ancient capital, Scalloway (across the water from our cottages in Burra!) is a bustling village that is heading towards a new era with the renovation of The Kiln Bar that joins The Cornerstone, Da Haaf, a butchers and two shops.

If you want to head further south, we have Sumburgh Head, home to the sought-after puffins year on year and its very own cafe if you want cake with a beautiful southerly view.

Go the other way and up north you have the famous Original Cake Fridge, Frankies Fish & Chips and more scenic walks than you could ever imagine. Our B&B in Weisdale makes an excellent base for adventuring the north.

Shetland and the things you can do, experience & be apart of is an endless list. Book your visit & start your adventure.

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